If you have ever bought lottery tickets in the hopes of winning big money when the draw comes around, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what it’s like to play scratchers. There’s something really exciting about grabbing a coin and scratching off the foil on your card to reveal whether you’ve won a prize or not. The anticipation and the potential for an instant win have always been the biggest reasons why millions of people all over the world buy scratch games from their local shops, gas stations, or lotto shops.

If you get lucky enough to win a prize, you can walk right back to the counter and cash in your prize instantly. Scratchers are the simplest kinds of real money games you can play, but that’s also what makes them so thrilling to play, especially if you’ve got luck on your side.

With the rise of online casinos, people started to enjoy the convenience of playing from home without the need to leave the house at all. Pretty soon, scratchers made it to the online casino world, and you can now find hundreds of online scratch card games to play for a chance to win real money.

As you’ll learn in our guide to scratch games 2022, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider variety of potential prizes and even bonus rounds when you play online scratch cards.

If you’ve never played traditional scratch card games or online scratching games, these games are the simplest and easiest gambling games you can ever play. We’ll go over how to play scratch card games in detail in this complete guide to scratch cards 2022.

Play Scratch Cards Online

Interested in playing real scratch cards online? We’ve compiled a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you learn how to play scratch online games. Scratch games online are the easiest types of casino games you can play, even simpler than online slot machines which are also known for their straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay.

If you’re playing online scratchers for real money for the first time, it won’t take you long to figure out how to play and how these games work. There are a few different types of scratchcard games you can play online, and different online scratch cards developers tend to change up the rules a little bit, but the basic structure remains the same.

  1. The first step to playing scratch card online games is to sign up at a recommended online casino which offers a good variety of real money and free scrach card games too. You can find some of the best online scratch cards sites further down this guide.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, the next step is to pick the scratch and win real money game you’re interested in playing.
  3. Physical scratch cards can only be bought for a fixed price, but can you buy scratchers online for different prices according to your budget? The answer is yes, you can buy scratchers online for different stakes. Just like you can choose how much you want to bet per game when playing online slot, you can choose from different stakes when buying online scratch cards too. Choose your stake and decide if you want to buy one ticket or multiple scratch cards at a time.
  4. The next step might look a little bit different depending on the online scratch cards game developer, but you’ll typically be able to virtually scratch off the image on the ticket piece by piece, revealing one symbol at a time or revealing the whole card at once. Most online scratch cards allow you to click the ‘Reveal All’ button to make the process even quicker and reveal your result a lot faster.
  5. If you reveal three matching symbols or three symbols on a line, depending on the rules of the particular scratch card game you’re playing, you’ll win the relevant prize. If there’s no match, no payout is awarded, and you can try your luck again by purchasing a new card.

Real Money Scratch Card Games

As we mentioned briefly, instant win scratch games free or real money have the same basic structure and you can follow the steps above when you buy online scratch card games. The only difference you might notice between different online scratch cards is that there are variations in what counts as a win.

Whether you want to play real or free scratch off games for fun, it’s good to learn about the different types of scratch and win online cards.

Match Three Scratch Card Games

Match three type of scratchers are by far the most common types of scratch and win real money games. In fact, most real money and free scratch off games have this type of gameplay that involves nothing more than matching three symbols on your scratcher. To win a payout, you’ll need to reveal three identical symbols anywhere on the card.

This means that they don’t need to be adjacent to each other or even on the same line. Like online slots, there are typically a number of different symbols you can reveal, with both low paying and high paying symbols.

Match One Scratch Card Games

These types of online scratch games work a little bit differently than the match three types of scratchers. In this type of scratcher, there are two sections, one with two or three winning numbers and the usual area where you need to scratch off. The goal with these types of online scratch cards is to match at least one number from the scratch area with one of the numbers in the winning numbers section. If you match at least one number, you get the relevant payout.

Online Slots Scratch Card Games

Some of the most interesting real money or free online scratch cards are online slots which have been turned into a scratcher. There have been several highly popular online slots like Lucky Leprechaun and Immortal Romance amongst others which have been turned into online scratch cards. These scratchers typically require you to match three identical symbols anywhere on the card and can be really fun to try out if you’ve previously played the slot version of the scratch card game.

Jackpot Scratch Card Games

One of the best features you can find when you play scratchers online is a jackpot bonus. This would be a larger-than-usual payout that can even be as high as $1 million in some cases. It’s not easy to win a jackpot in a scratch card game as the jackpot symbols won’t appear as often as regular symbols on the ticket, but this is the case with any casino game that offers a jackpot.

Scratch Card Games with Bonus Rounds

There are a few online scratch cards which offer special features and bonus rounds too and although they’re not so easy to find, these are some of the best scratch cards to play at an online casino. Much like online slots, you can trigger a bonus round if you match three identical symbols, awarding one or more free cards. If you’re more familiar with online slot machines, you can think of these bonus rounds as the scratch card version of Free Spins.

Top Online Scratch Card Games

Wondering where to get started with real scratch cards online? The table below lists the top five online scratch cards you can play for free or for real money. This might give you a little bit of inspiration if you’re not sure where to get started and the good news is that you can try them all out completely for free at Online Free Casino.

NumberOnline Scratch CardTop Win
1Wolf Gold Scratch$1,000,000
2Lucky Leprechaun Scratch750x
3Avalon Scratch1000x
4Happy Holidays Scratch10,000x
5Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch250x

Demo Scratch Card Games

Demo casino games are one of the best things any online casino game can offer and there are two main reasons why free scratch cards are important. First, they’re fun to play even though there isn’t the chance to win real money. Many players enjoy the gameplay and the simulation of scratching off a lottery ticket just for fun.

The second and more important reason is that playing online scratch cards allows you to try out as many games as you want and understand exactly how they work with zero risks. For example, if you’ve never played online scratch cards before, you can try out free scratcher games first to see how they work, what kind of prizes you can win, and figure out if you want to try out free scratch off games real money afterwards.

There are several online casinos and sites where you can play free scratch card games, but you’ll also find a great selection of these right here on our site. You can play without registering for an account and absolutely no deposits. New online scratch cards are added to our site from time to time as well, so if you’re interested in playing real money scratchers, be sure to try out free scratch cards on our site first.

As you probably know, playing free online scratch off games won’t earn you any real money even if you match up three identical symbols, just like you can’t win real money when playing free slots. The only way you might be able to win real money without depositing any real money yourself is by claiming a no-deposit bonus at an online casino.

Some of the best online scratch off sites offer no-deposit bonuses for newly registered players which you can use to try out online scratching games for a chance to win real money. The no-deposit bonus is usually a Welcome Bonus that you can claim just by signing up. You don’t need to make any deposits to get the bonus cash but if you win when playing a scratch card, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings before you fulfill the wagering requirements.

It’s worth noting that the wagering requirements for a no-deposit bonus are usually quite high. On top of that, you also need to check the terms and conditions carefully before you claim such a bonus because in most cases, you can’t use your bonus on just any game. In fact, most no-deposit bonuses can only be used on one or a few specific slots.

Online Scratch Card vs Traditional Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Some of the differences between online scratch cards and traditional scratch off lottery tickets are quite obvious; one is virtual while the other is a physical ticket that you can scratch off with a coin. However, there are other important differences between the two types and like anything else, there are pros and cons for both.

In the table below, we compare online scratch cards versus traditional scratchers.

Online scratch cardsTraditional Scratch Off Lottery Tickets
You can buy online scratch cards when you want without having to leave your home.You must physically buy your traditional scratch off lottery tickets and redeem any prize in person as well.
Online scratch cards can be bought for a variety of amounts, from as little as $0.50 up to $100 per card.Traditional scratch offs usually have a fixed price.
You can try scratch cards for free without wagering any real money.Free lottery tickets and scratch card games don’t exist.
No need to worry about paper tickets or receipts.There’s always a small risk of losing your lottery ticket or a winning scratch card, which would make it impossible for you to cash in your prize.
Online scratchers for real money can offer bonuses like Free Spins and jackpots.There are no special features or bonuses when you scratch a traditional lottery ticket.
Exciting themes and different style to choose from.Traditional scratchers can be less entertaining with their lack of any theme or styles.
Virtually scratching off a card is not the same as using a coin or car key to remove the card’s foil.The feeling of scratching a real card is very satisfying.
The RTP rate is usually lower than an online scratch card RTP.
You can’t use a promotion or bonus to buy free scratch card games.

Win Real Cash Payouts From Our Casino Promotions And Bonuses

One of the biggest perks of playing online scratch cards is that you can use promotions or bonuses to win real money. In the following section, we’ll look at the best online scratch offs sites where you can benefit from different promotions and bonuses to play online scratch cards for a chance to win real money, without depositing any of your own. For example, there are some online casinos which offer a specific bonus when you buy online scratch cards PayPal. This means that if you deposit via PayPal, you can get a special bonus which can be used to buy online scratch cards.

Jackpot CityUp to $1600 Deposit Bonus
Royal VegasUp to $1200 Deposit Bonus
Spin CasinoUp to $1000 Deposit Bonus
BetwayUp to $5000 in Cash and Prizes
888 Casino$20 Free + Up to $500 Extra Deposit Bonus

Best Online Casinos to Play Online Scratch Card Games

If you’re wondering, ‘where can I buy scratchers online safely for a chance to win real money?’, take a look at the top five best online scratch card sites below.

1. Jackpot City

Jackpot City is a household name in the online gambling industry, having been around since 1998. One of the most trusted gambling brands in the world, Jackpot City offers a four-tier Welcome Offer for newly registered players which can be used to buy online scratch cards. There are some interesting scratch card games to try out here with a wide variety of themes.

2. Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas is another online casino that’s been in operation for several years, offering a more traditional kind of casino experience. Much like Jackpot City, Royal Vegas offers newly registered players a four-tier Welcome Bonus which can be used on a wide variety of games. You can find around 400 casino games here, including online slots, table games, live dealer games, and of course, a sizeable collection of virtual scratch cards from different casino game providers too.

3. Spin Casino

Another classic and traditional type of online casino is Spin Casino, offering several fun online scratch cards with different prizes that can be won and different prices too. A Welcome Bonus of up to $1000 is available here, and you can use that to try out all the best scratch cards to play at this popular online casino.

4. Betway Casino

A modern online casino and sportsbook that’s very popular in the US is Betway Casino, offering a full range of casino games, including scratch cards. You can buy scratch cards from as little as $1 here and there are different prizes which can be won too. For new players to the casino, a bonus of up to $50 will be waiting.

5. 888 Casino

If you’re looking for a reliable online casino where you can play a number of different online scratch cards along with different types of casino games, 888 Casino is the place to be. There are more than 10 online scratch cards to try out here and to get you started, you’ll also get a choice between three different Welcome Bonuses when you sign up and make your first deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy real scratch cards online?

Yes, you can buy online scratch cards win real money games at several online casinos. You can check out the best online scratch cards sites in the section above.

Can you play scratch cards online?

Definitely! You can play free online scratch off games or real money scratch games. Simply visit one of the online casinos mentioned in this guide, all of which offer online scratch games.

How do online scratch cards work?

In a nutshell, all online scratch cards work in the same way; you purchase a virtual scratch card for the bet amount you wish to, click ‘Reveal All’ or scratch off the card yourself by moving your mouse over it, and reveal the symbols. If you match three symbols anywhere on your scratch card ticket, you get a payout. Some online scratch cards work a little bit different and have a section with winning numbers which means you’ll need to reveal at least one of these numbers when you scratch off your card.

Which online scratch card is best?

It’s difficult to pick just one scratch card game, but some of the best online scratch cards based on how much you can potentially win include Wolf Gold Scratch, Avalon Scratch, and Lucky Leprechaun too.

Is there a scratch card app?

There are free scratch apps you can download but if you ever want to play online scratcher for real money, there’s no specific scratch card app for that. Instead, you’ll need to download a casino mobile app where you can play real online scratch cards for a chance to win real money prizes.